Gable Airfield Markers

Avlite Systems’ Gable Airfield Markers are rotationally-moulded using UV-stabilised polyethylene, providing exceptionally long life without the need for painting.
Avlite’s Gable Airfield Markers can be used on unsealed runways to define the graded portion of the runway strip. Gable markers are the preferred type of marker used in this situation and are placed along the edges of the runway at a distance that must not exceed 180m as per the CASA Manual of Standards, Part 139 – Aerodromes, Section 8.2.1.
To secure the gable against prop wash and jet blast it can be secured with pegs to hold it in position.


  • Available in 1.5 & 3.0 meter lengths
  • Rotationally-molded polyethylene with a 20 year life expectancy
  • Can be easily secured
  • UV-stabilized
  • Molded in color – no need for painting
  • Clear identification with optional mold-in graphics
  • 100% recyclable


CASA MOS Part 139 – Aerodromes, Section 8.2 – Markers, Definitions Section 1 – Frangible Object.