Radio-Controlled Solar Powered Airfield Lighting AV-ALS-RR

The Avlite Systems radio controlled airport lighting platform is designed to offer airports, defense, and aid agencies complete flexibility and enormous advantages over traditional airport fixtures.
The system is operated by a wireless handheld controller, which enables personnel to remotely activate and set specific characteristics of lights within their airfield.
Lights can be allocated to up to 15 ‘groups’, such as taxiways, runway edge or threshold, and each group can be controlled independently. The operator can switch between visible and IR for each light in the group remotely by
selecting between internal LED light banks – greatly expanding the flexibility of the system.
For defense applications, models can be supplied with the ability to remotely switch between visual and infrared light output. In addition to switching between operating colours, lights can be set to any of over 256 flash patterns, including MORSE CODE. Lights set to the same flash rate will automatically synchronize with each other to provide clear perimeter or security marking.


  • 2.4GHz worldwide accepted radio control
  • 128bit security encryption, and unlimited range with the capability to switch between infrared and visible lights
  • Shut down, turn all lights on or change light colors remotely
  • Allocate lights into ‘light groups’ and remotely control each group
  • Set units to synchronized flashing
  • Straight-forward menu makes the radio-controlled airfield lighting system very easy to operate


Wireless Handheld Controller

  • Enables personnel to remotely activate and set specific characteristics of lights within their airfield, via 128-bit encrypted RF data.
  • Designate up to 16 independent light groups
  • Manually activate lights via the controller, or set to automatically begin operation via the internal light sensor.

Optional PC Interface

  • Access operation of airfield lights via PC interface
  • Avlite’s PC Interface Command Centre allows the user the ability to control the entire airfield without leaving their desk.
  • Lights can be controlled as easily as selecting one of the many settings and pressing the Send ICD Message button.