Solar LED Elevated Runway Guard Light AV-ERGL FAA ICAO

Solar LED Elevated Runway Guard Light AV-ERGL FAA ICAO

The elevated LED Runway Guard Light is a unidirectional, yellow, alternately flashing fixture that provides a warning to pilots and vehicles that they are approaching an active runway. The solar ERGL installs in minutes with no trenching, cabling, or mains power required, and can be easily and quickly relocated.


The ERGL Provides 24-Hour unidirectional marking for runways and taxiway intersections with 45 – 50 alternating yellow flashes per minute at the hold position. The Elevated Runway Guard Light (ERGL) is typically installed in a pair, with one on either side of the taxiway holding position.

  • Energy Efficient LED Lights with an averge life span of over 100,000 Hours
  • Adjustable light beam elevation with positive locking in one-degree increments
  • Low Maintenance – with no special tools required
  • High-Strength, powder coated frame with aluminum housing and stainless steel hardware
  • 2-inch frangible coupling and tether with positive lock canting
  • 300 MPH jet blast resistant


  • Monitoring is available – dry contact output
  • Avlite systems strives to be environmentally responsible by providing clean, green, renewable energy sources with a minimal environmental footprint.


  • LED Runway Guard Light is used to increase visibility at the hold position during severe weather conditions
  • Traffic signals for airport service roads