Runway End Identification Light

Solar LED Runway End Identification Light AV-REIL FAA ICAO

Avlite’s REIL (Runway End Identification Light) is a low powered, energy efficient LED light used to identify the runway threshold during an approach. The solar REIL installs in minutes with no trenching, cabling, or mains power required, and can be easily and quickly relocated.

Peak Intensity (cd) 3000cd daytime/300cd night
Operating Voltage (V) 24V
Battery Capacity (Ah) 220
Warranty 1 Year
Optional Monitoring is available


The Runway End Identification Light (REIL) system is used to identify the threshold (approach end) of a visual or instrument non-precision runway and provides guidance to pilots during approach for landing. The Runway End Identification Light consists of two unidirectional simultaneous flashing lights. A light is located at each side of the runway threshold. The lights have a beam coverage of 10° vertically and 30° horizontally with a flash rate of two flashes per second. The REIL meets the photometric beam requirements for MALSR, SSALR and ALSF-I/II.

The integrated solar module and battery system offers considerable savings in power and installation costs. The solar module can be angled to maximise solar collection to charge the battery. Contact your Avlite representative to determine the solar system suitable for your location.

  • Long LED life
  • Low Power Draw – entire system draws less than 40 Watts
  • Improved safety – low voltage 24 VDC model
  • Nominal intensity – 15,000 effective candelas
  • Beam Coverage – 10° vertically, 30° horizontally
  • Flash rate: two flashes per second
  • Separation: Control unit can be mounted in excess of 500 feet from flash head
  • Remote Control: ON/OFF, 3-step intensities
  • Meets photometric beam requirements for MALSR, SSALR, and ALSF-I / II
  • Voltage-powered- 24VDC solar powered


  • Flash monitoring
  • Elapsed time meter
  • Error code LED display

Avlite Systems strives to be environmentally responsible by providing clean, green, renewable energy sources with a minimal environmental footprint.