ICAO Low Intensity Type B Solar

ICAO Low Intensity Type B Solar

The low intensity LED obstruction light complete assembly is a self-contained, solar powered obstruction light designed to comply with ICAO LIOL Type B requirements.

Available colour As tested : AV-OL-ILAB-12-R
( Type A & B)
Peak Intensity (cd) Complies with ICAO LIOLA
& LIOLB 2013
Solar Module Multi crystalline
Battery service life >5 years
Operating Voltage 12 v
Warranty 5 years


  • Standard AV-OL-ILAB-12-R light-head
  • Integrated solar/battery system
  • User-adjustable between ICAO LIOL Type A (10cd) and Type B (32cd) intensity settings
  • Integrated light sensor for day/night operation
  • Internal diagnostic checking and alarm contact for remote monitoring

Avlite Systems provide an extensive range of LED obstruction lighting to clearly mark structures such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and tall structures.  Avlite can provide obstruction lighting solutions that enhance aviation safety worldwide. Avlite’s obstruction lights offer an ultra- bright, energy efficient, cost effective lighting solution.

Avlite’s obstruction lights are designed to the latest standards of the Civil Aviation Code of the country of installation – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Transport Canada and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Avlite offers a comprehensive range of obstruction lighting products and accessories to assist pilots with visual guidance and safe navigation of obstacles. All of Avlite’s obstruction lights use the latest LED technology as their light source.