Bridge Light Power Supplies


  • Power supplies available in various sizes to suit your application
  • Angle of the solar module can be adjusted to maximise solar collection
  • Rugged, powder-coated aluminium construction
  • Easy to service


  • 10Watt for powering 1-2 sealite sectored bridge light heads
  • 20Watt for powering 1-6 sealite sectored bridge light heads (optional 40Watt solar module)
  • 40Watt for powering 6-12 sectored bridge light heads

Sealite offers a range solar power supplies to suit stand-alone navigation aid installations, such as marine lanterns and precision sector lights.
The solar power supplies are available in multiple configurations, including various battery and solar sizing, and self-contained or modular options.
In addition, Sealite can provide customised designs for unique installation requirements.