Supply and Installation of Swimming Demarcation Lines, Navigation Fixed Marker’s and Marker Buoys at La Mer Dubai

North West Marine has completed the supply and installation of swimming demarcation lines, navigation fixed markers and marker buoys fitted with solar marine lanterns on the beaches of La Mer in Dubai. The project was established to replace the current swimming lines on the beach and to ensure proper navigation markers on the entrance of the marina and in the channels of La Mer.

The rotation moulded navigation fixed markers manufactured by Triton locally in the UAE were installed onto the entrance of the Port De La Mer with Sealite SL-75 solar marine lanterns mounted on top which have a visible range of 3-5 nautical miles and are equipped with GPS and Bluetooth

The Sealite SL-B1500 marker buoys installed were fitted with Sealite SL-60 Solar Marine Lanterns which have a visible range of 2-3 nautical miles and are equipped with GPS.

North West Marine is the authorised distributor for Sealite and Triton Products in the GCC.