FAA A-1 Obstruction Kit Solution AV-OL-KT-A1

The Avlite FAA A-1 Obstruction Lighting kit is a full turnkey solution for A-1 defined structures between 150 and 350 feet. Consisting of 1 x L-864 Red Medium Intensity Flashing Beacon, 3 x L-810(F) Obstruction Lights, all necessary junction boxes and a central control unit. The A-1 obstruction kit is available in universal AC and DC input power configurations.
Utilising a Control Unit with dispersed light fixtures in accordance with the specific tower configuration, the kit is designed for ease of installation and maintenance, and meets the requirements of FAA AC 150/5345-43.


  • External and remote monitoring capabilities via GSM or SATCOM
  • Photocell override for testing and maintenance purposes
  • Designed for optimised cabling, mounting and installation


  • Add on standalone solar system sized to region
  • Additional L-810(F) fixture
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Cable Kit for 350’ structure
  • Star2M remote monitoring intergration via GSM or SATCOM


A1 tower configurations for structures from 150-350 feet AGL


    • FAA L-864 Medium Intensity Obstruction Light – FAA AC150/5345-43H
    • FAA L-810(F) Flashing Red Obstruction Light – FAA AC150/5345-43H
    • FAA Engineering Brief No. 67D
    • Transport Canada, CAR 2015-2, Standard 621