ICAO Low Intensity Type B Solar

ICAO Low Intensity Type B Solar

AV-OL Series Type 1 & Type 2 Complete Light Assembly

Avlite’s low intensity LED obstruction light complete assembly is a self-contained, solar powered obstruction light designed to comply with ICAO LIOL Type A & Type B requirements. The unit is equipped with a standard AV-OL Series light-head, and uses a single high intensity LED as a light source. The ICAO model has adjustable intensity settings allowing the user to easily toggle between 10cd (ICAO Type A) and 32cd (ICAO Type B).
The solar modules charge the battery during daylight hours, and the light automatically begins operation at dusk once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently. The assembly is available in two solar/battery configurations to suit a range of installations and ensures years of maintenance-free reliable service. The obstruction light is also available with combined visual and infrared (IR) for visibility to pilots using night vision. The solar assembly is also available with dual light fixture for redundant fail safe.
The AV-OL Series complete light assembly is also available with the following optional features:


  • Standard AV-OL-ILAB-12-R light-head
  • Integrated solar/battery system
  • User-adjustable between ICAO LIOL Type A (10cd) and Type B (32cd) intensity settings
  • Integrated light sensor for day/night operation
  • Internal diagnostic checking and alarm contact for remote monitoring


  • GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring
  • Radio Control
  • Pilot Activated Lighting Control
  • RS422/485 communications port
  • Combined visual/IR output for pilots using NVG
  • IR LED
  • Dual Light Fixture for redundant fail-safe
  • Various solar & battery sizing configurations


ICAO LIOL Type A & B for marking obstacles that do not exceed 45 metres in height


Low Intensity Type A Obstruction Light, ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, ‘Aerodrome Design and Operations’, Sixth edition July 2013