Obstruction Kit Solution ICAO I-3

Obstruction Kit Solution ICAO I-3

The Avlite ICAO I-3 Obstruction Lighting kit is a full turnkey solution for I-3 defined structures between 61 and 106 metres above ground. The kit consists of 1 x Red/White Combined Medium Intensity Obstruction Light, 3 x Low  intensity Obstruction Lights, all necessary Juntion Boxes and a central Control Unit. The I-3 obstruction kit is available in universal AC or DC input power configurations.


  • External and remote monitoring capabilities via GSM or SATCOM
  • Photocell override for testing and maintenance purposes
  • Designed for optimised cabling, mounting and installation


  • Add on standalone solar system sized to region
  • Additional LI fixture
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Cable Kit for 106 metre structure
  • Star2M remote monitoring integration via GSM or SATCOM


  • I-3 tower configurations for structures from 61-106 metres AGL


  • ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1, Sixth Edition, July 2013