Oil Absorbent Boom

Oil Absorbent Boom

  • Flexible tubes filled with highly-absorbent material
  • Absorb petroleum-based liquids but resist water
  • Each oil absorbent boom is constructed with a tough outer net skin that covers the super absorbent polypropylene filler.
  • Strong nylon rope runs along the length with carbon steel rings and snap hooks to make deployment faster and easier.
  • The oil absorbent booms come in a bright white color to make it easy to see when they are completely fully soaked.

Key Features

  • All-in-one construction produces exceptional strength and avoids boom from twisting
  • Floats on water even if soaked with hydrocarbons
  • Outer polyester net is more UV resistant than polypropylene skin and strong construction
  • Durable nylon rope with End rings and snap hooks make deployment length fast & easy
  • Can stretch without failing and resist snagging on debris
  • Cost effective and made with high recycled materials


Ideal solution when you need to quickly and effectively contain petroleum-based spills on water or outdoor environments. Use them where you want to avoid soaking up water

Eg: Marina’s, Ports, River, Lake, Sewage water-pollution areas Etc.

Size 20cm * 300cm
Absorbancy 72L/bale
Packing 4pcs/Bale
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