High Intensity LED Range Light – SL-RL-04

Port Entry light Dubai

The Sealite SL-RL-04 is a High Intensity LED Range Light, designed to give vessels clear navigation on the safe line of approach. This extraordinarily efficient light source achieves an impressive daytime visible range in excess of 5NM and a night-time range of over 23NM.

  • Provides over 424,000cd at a 3 ° x 3 ° divergence
  • Extremely robust and reliable – constructed of a high-quality, CNC-machined, 7-stage powder coated, marine-grade aluminium alloy
  • Advanced PC or IR Programming allows users to conveniently set up, diagnose and test:
    • Multiple and adjustable day/night & twilight intensity settings
    • Up to 310 customised flash characteristics and configurations
    • Low battery thresholds and alarm conditions
  • Ultra-low power consumption uses only 28.8W making it ideal for solar powered systems
  • Wide operating voltage ranges – Universal DC 10-30VDC or Universal AC 110-240VAC



Light Source High Efficiency LED
Visible Range (NM) @ 0.74: up to 23.4 (Night)
Nominal Voltage (V) 10-30 (VDC) / 110-240 (VAC)
Vertical Divergence (Degrees) 3 as standard
Warranty 3 Year
Optional AIS Type 1 or 3
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