GPS Synchronisation

Sealite’s GPS system provides users with the ability to mark a channel, port or river with independently operating lanterns that all flash in synchronisation. This presents a clear outline of the channel each time the lanterns flash and is particularly effective in overcoming background lighting, as opposed to indiscriminate flashing lights which may render the judgement of distance and navaid location difficult.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver is housed within the Sealite lantern and no additional power supplies, aerials or control systems are required. This lantern option is microprocessor-based and has been designed to provide maximum reliability and performance of the lantern over a wide range of environmental conditions.
Using overhead satellites, multiple GPS lanterns set to the same flash pattern will synchronise anywhere in the world.


  • Long range flash synchronisation via GPS satellites
  • Synhronisation of independently flashing lanterns installed over longer distances to clearly mark channels & entrances
  • Easy to use – simply set lanterns to the same flash pattern & they will automatically come into synchronisation
  • No limitation on distances or objects between lanterns
  • Each lantern operates independently (no operator intervention required)
  • Internal GPS module with no external components required, maintaining IP68 waterproof rating of lantern
  • Clear identification of AtoNs against confusing background lighting achieved when lights flash in unison
  • Inbuilt allowing for easy installation