Triton Silt Curtains also known as containment boom and turbidity curtains are manufactured in the UAE utilizing the high quality components and designed to suit varying marine conditions and environments. Each curtain acts as barrier to reduce the migration of sand and debris , but also allowing water to pass through the curtains . the Curtains are for dredging, marine construction , environmental protection and many other applications. In addition to the standard triton curtain range ,our curtains are fully customizable to suit each unique challenge and requirement.

Supply and Installation of a silt curtain in the Dubai marina channel

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Silt Curtain Specifications

  T1 T2
Floatation section Polystyrene 150mm dia Polystyrene 200mm Dia
Counter Weight 8mm HDG 12mm HDG
Reinforced PVC 700 GSM UV stabilized 700 GSM
Geotextile Material 500 GSM Non-Woven 200KN  woven
Color Yellow,Red, Orange Yellow,Red, Orange
  T3 T4
Floatation section Polystyrene 300mm Dia Polystyrene 400mm dia
Counter Weight 16mm HDG 18mm HDG
Reinforced PVC 900 GSM 1200 GSM
Geotextile Material 250KN woven 350KN woven
Color Yellow,Red, Orange Yellow,Red, Orange

General specifications

Float Enclosure UV stabilized , reinforced PVC
Float Closed Cell Polystyrene cylinder
Curtain High Strength woven and non-woven  Geo Textile
Curtain counterweight Hot Dipped galvanized Steel chain
Reinforcing Belt High strength polyester webbing
Interface connectors CNC hot dipped galvanized steel
Fasteners Hot dipped galvanized shackles and nuts and bolts

Applications:    Dredging, Marine Construction, environmental protection, waterway management

Optional accessories:  top marks, navigation lights, moorings signage buoys