Solar Marine Lantern SL-75

  • Up to 5NM
  • Single LED Optic
  • Dual high performance solar panels for maximum sunlight capture
  • Bluetooth connectivity for programming and maintenance remotely via phone or tablet
  • Improved productivity and reduce risk to personnel
  • Reliable year-round operating in low sunlight conditions
  • Up to 310 flash codes including 256 IALA flash codes
  • High capacity NiMH battery for ultra-long service life and wide temperature range
Light Source     High Efficiency LED
Visible Range (NM) @ 3-5
Nominal Voltage (V) 3.6
Autonomy (days) ˃30
Battery Capacity (Ah) 17.2 Standard
Standard Bluetooth, IR Programmer,
Optional GPS / GSM Sync
Download the product brochure for full details. SL-75