Watersnake SWRT54/48 Remote


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This state-of-the-art bow mount electric motor gives you full directional control remotely from a fob unit that can attach easily to the end of your rod. Move your boat around while you fight that prize catch to get all the best angles to ensure you reel in that beauty with ease.

The Watersnake Fierce Remote Control has a strong 3-blade weedless propeller. You can use these motors in salt or freshwater and they pack an impressive 54lb of thrust. The unit has a 48” shaft and the top notch feature, the remote control FOB which allows you to wirelessly control the direction of your boat with the touch of a button.

Watersnake Fierce Remote Control Motors offer excellent value for money and are perfect for both kayaks and smaller boats. The motors run silently for a stealthy approach when chasing fish.

Model: Fierce SWRF 54/48 Remote
Voltage: 12v
Shaft Length: 48″
Amps: 13-54
Steering: Remote