Synthetic Mooring Solutions

Unlike chain, the synthetic mooring solution minimises damage to the sea bed whilst the smooth stretch of the unique nylon core absorbs shock loads in the wave and tidal conditions of the marine environment.

These unique mooring solutions are a perfect complement to Sealite ™s complete range of mooring and navigation buoys and can be used in many applications as a chain replacement.

The Sealite synthetic mooring line is a high performance solution, best suited for all marine conditions and environments.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Tailored to suit various requirements
  • Very flexible and light weight and suitable with various attachment devices
  • Easy to install
  • Friendly to the marine environment
Break Strength  8 Tonne  12 Tonne  20 Tonne
4 metre length 5kg 5kg 6kg
6 metre length 6kg 6kg 8kg
10 metre length 7kg 9kg 12kg
15 metre length 9kg 11kg 16kg
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