Triton Hazchem Spill Kit T-HSk 240

North West Marine is a supplier of Triton Hazchem spill kit. We are committed to provide customers with high performance polypropylene sorbents and innovative solutions for industrial maintenance and spill cleanup. Triton has developed a substantial range of spill cleanup products to meet the specific needs of customers. Whether you need absorbents for oil, chemical or general purpose. We also have socks, booms, pillows and spill kits in different sizes for specific applications. We can design spill products to your custom requirement.
Triton spill kits are available for 3 different applications

  • All purpose
  • Oil
  • Chemicals


  •  To absorb all kinds of liquids
  • Strong absoption at a rapid speed
  • Low cost, environmental protection

Triton Spill Kits offers an effective and immediate response to a broad variety of spills, from common fluids and oil to chemicals and hazardous liquids that can damage the environment.

240L Wheelie Bin
Haz-chem pad 40cm * 50cm
Haz-chem roll 40cm * 50cm
Haz-chem sock 7.6cm * 133cm
Haz-chemboom  12.7cm * 300cm
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