Triton Marker Buoy 580mm Diameter (TM580)

Focal Plane height (mm) 1200mm
Height (mm) 1470mm
Width (mm) 580mm
Reserve Buoyancy (kgs) 630
Mass 20
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Triton Marker Buoy 580mm Diameter (TM580)

Code: TM580

The Triton Marker Buoy TM580  is primarly utilized for lateral marking, marina marking, speed zone, restricted area marking and day and night channel marking. TM580 is a short range buoy and the size allows it to be installation friendly.


  1. High visibility red, green, white or yellow as per IALA recommendations
  2. Excellent Design.
  3. Excellent Stability and Buoyancy
  4. Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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