Triton Signage Buoys 780mm Diameter TMLP780

Focal Plane height (mm) 1150
Wall Thickness 7
Width 780
Material Rationally moulded UV Stabilized virgin polythene
Filling Polyurethane

Triton Signage Buoys 780mm Diameter

Code: TMLP780

The Triton Signage Buoy TMLP780 range of signage buoys is designed as a beach marker, temporary hazard marker,  and a no entry marker which can also be customized as per the customers requirement.

The unique design of these buoys is a combination of normal buoy with wide hull section and customized signage to provide stable and buoyant navigational marker. Rotationally molded as a single piece float section with colours complying to the IALA guidelines . Lanterns can be incorporated inot the signage buoy to allow for better visiblity during night navigation.

Application of Triton Signage Buoy:

  • Beach Marker
  • Temporary hazard marking
  • No entry marking.

Features of Triton Signage Buoy:

  • Single piece float
  • Additional round, rotating signage plate with customized signage as per use.
  • 780mm Hull section diameter with signage medium increases the visibility during day time.
  • Rotationally Molded.
  • Ready to install.
  • Wall thickness of 7mm
  • Excellent Buoyancy and stability.