Marker Buoy TM780

Marker Buoy TM780

780mm Dia Marker Buoy

Triton has developed a number of aids to navigation and complimentary products each meeting our stringent quality processes and having a demonstrated history of performance.

Product Code: TM780

The Triton TM780 marker buoy is an ideal solution for lateral marking, restricted area marking, special zone marking, aquaculture and many more applications. The buoy has a focal height of about 1200mm which allows for a very high visibility for marine vessels. The TM780 is rotationally molded buoy is manufactured using high Quality Polyethylene material and is foam filled with polyurethane foam for added stability and buoyancy.


Focal Plane height (mm) 1200mm
Height (mm) 1470mm
Width (mm) 780mm
Reserve Buoyancy (kgs) 620
Wall thickness (mm) 7


    • High visibility red, green, white or yellow as per IALA recommendations.
    • Excellent buoyancy and stability.
  • Focal height 1200mm which gives high visibility during day.


  • Customized stickers
  • Extended tower section so the focal height of 1.2m is attained.