Navigation Buoy TM-B1800

Navigation Buoy TM-B1800

1800mm Dia Triton Navigation Buoy

Triton has developed a number of aids to navigation and complimentary products each meeting our stringent quality processes and having a demonstrated history of performance.

Product Code: TM-B1800

Triton buoy is a proven solution for inland waterways, coastal navigation, mooring and meteorological applications. It has been deployed throughout the MENA region and abroad over many years, highlighting its strength, durability and quality.


The Triton TM-B1800 is rotation molded polyethylene marker buoy made to withstand harsh marine conditions. It is manufactured from colored UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene and filled with closed cell polyurethane to ensure maximum service life. In addition, all the steel components, including mooring post are manufactured in stainless steel 316 grade.

Triton buoys can be fitted with two types of spar; rotation molded polyethylene or steel, based on the project requirements and application.
The buoys can be manufactured in different color combinations to comply with IALA Recommendations. The top section comes with 200mm bolt pattern that enables the fixing of different lanterns; short, medium or long range. Optional day marks can be fitted to the steel type top section.



Product Specifications
Diameter 1800mm
Focal Plane Height 2480mm/Custom
Available Color Green, Red, Yellow, White as per IALA Recommendations
 Physical Characteristics
Material Rotationally-moulded UV- stabilized virgin polyethylene/ Stainless steel 316 grade mooring post
Wall Thickness 12-14mm
Ballast Concrete
Filling Closed-cell polyurethane foam
Total Height (including IALA top mark and mooring rod) 3880mm
Width 1800mm
Product Life Expectancy >12 years

Warranty : 3 years

Options Available :

  • Mould-in graphics
  • Marine Lantern
  • Customized configuration
  • Day Marks

Warranty : 3 years