Signage Buoys TM Series

North West Marine introduced a range of Buoys with proposed built signage. Our clients over the years have required more signage on buoys to give mariners more information while on the water. We manufacture buoys from 300mm to 3000mm diameter to hold hold the smallest to the largest information buoys.  Information Signs can be customized.

Specifications of Signage Buoys 

Material Rotationally moulded Uv stabilized virgin polyethylene
Wall thickness  6 to 18mm
Life expectancy Up to 20 years  depending on size
Warranty Up to 5 year depending on diameter
Colors available Yellow, Red , Green, White , Orange  and customized colors can be produced
Signage size 150mm to 2500mm diameter  all signage is customized to client requirements

Technical specifications

Triton Buoys TM-SIGN500 TM-SIGN600 TM-SIGN620
Width 500mm 600mm 620mm
Height 370mm 700mm 630mm
Weight 5kg 20kgs 15kg
Width 630mm 780mm 780mm
Height 1175mm 1250mm 450mm
Weight 20kg 20kg 35kg
  TM-SIGN1200 TM-BM1500 TM-BM1800
Width 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm
Height 2200mm 3450mm 3880mm
Weight 50kg 500kg 600kg
Width 2400mm    
Height 4680mm    
Weight 800kgs    


Sealite  Buoys SLB-1250 SLB-1500 Poseidon 1750
Width 1250mm 1500mm 1750mm
Height 1180mm 1680mm 2600mm
Weight 70kg 220kg 428kg
  Nautilus 2200 Atlantic 2600 Atlantic 3000
Width 2200mm 2600mm 3000mm
Height 3890mm 3890mm 4600mm
Weight 830kg 830kg 1050kg

Compliance :

The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Guidelines G1006 and Recommendation E-108.

Applications:  Port and harbours Marinas, military, private islands, government /Municipality , swimming areas, restricted areas and much more

Optional equipment : Solar power supply, navigation light, mooring systems, day marks, radar reflectors  battery box