Steel Navigation Buoys TM Series

Triton design a range of steel navigation buoys ranging from 1m to 4.5m in diameter and focal plane up to 8m. All steel navigation buoys are designed using high quality steels and manufactured with certified welding team in or UAE Factory.

All metals are coated and treated by galvanization and high-quality marine paints by certified painters. We also manufacture custom steel  navigation buoys as per our customers request.


Material Rotationally moulded Uv stabilized virgin polyethylene
Wall thickness  6 to 10mm
Life expectancy Upto 12 years
Warranty 1 year
Colors available Yellow, Red , Green, White , Orange  and customized colors can be manufactured


Technical specifications

  TM-F250-1 TM-F250-2  
Diameter 250mm 250mm  
Height 1500mm 750mm  
Weight 11kgs 6kgs  
Draft 80mm 80mm  
Focal Plane 170mm 170mm  
  TM-F400 TM-F500 TM-F600
Diameter 400mm 500mm 600mm
Height 1300mm 380mm 700mm
Weight 15kgs 6kgs 18kgs
Draft 160mm 120mm 150mm
Focal Plane 160mm 380mm


  • Beaches swimming lines
  • Separation buoys
  • Fishing markers
  • Dredging markers
  • Construction buoys
  • Demarcation barriers

Optional accessories: 

  • Top marks
  • Navigation lights
  • Mooring points
  • Signage posts