Compressor W32 ENCLOSED


North West Marine is now official agents of Alkin Compressors : Breathing Air Compressors

North West Marine is proud to announce the partnership between Alkin Compressors in becoming an Alkin Breathing Air Compressor Agent in the Middle East. North West Marine has been working with Alkin for an extended period and we are pleased to be associated with Alkin, a High Quality Breathing Air Compressor Manufacturer.


Alkin has a diverse range of compressors which are manufactured in Turkey. The reason why customers choose Alkin Compressors is:

  • High quality components
  • Low maintenance
  • The cost of spare parts and replacement parts is low in comparison to industry standards
  • Lead times for products is short

The various types of breathing air compressors that Alkin can supply are:

  • High pressure compressors
  • Medium pressure compressors
  • Low pressure compressors
  • Booster compressors
  • Gas compressors
Purifier P41 Purifier (Stainless Steel) with Refillable Purifier
Element (Stainless Steel)
Intercoolers Stainless
Aftercoolers Stainless
Valves Pressure Maintaining Valve
Charging rate 180 lt/min to 300 lt/min